Liz Rabb and Jim Reid, criminal defense attorneys in Orange, Virginia

Reid & Rabb, P.L.C: Traffic Offenses & Criminal Law in Orange County, Virginia and Surrounding Areas

Reid & Rabb, P.L.C. is a full-service Criminal Defense Law Firm in Central Virginia. From simple driving offenses such as speeding tickets, to reckless driving, to driving under the influence (DUI’s) to serious felony offenses, we can assist you through the court process.

Our attorneys are both former prosecutors with many years of experience on both sides of the criminal justice process. We have a wealth of knowledge in criminal procedure and work hard to advocate for our clients. We understand that an offense can have lifelong consequences. We work hard to get the best outcome for you.

Traffic: We represent clients with minor traffic offenses such as speeding. Going to court can be scary. We can help make the process run smoothly. We can counsel you on steps to take prior to court and what to expect in court. We can often obtain a better outcome than can be expected if you “pre-pay” the ticket.

Reckless Driving: This is a more serious traffic offense that can carry harsher implications. We can walk through what to expect, fight the charge and get the best outcome for you in the end.

Driving Under the Influence: Reid & Rabb, P.L.C. recognize that when you are stopped for DUI there can be serious consequences. We want to be sure that your rights were not infringed upon during the traffic stop and arrest. We will do a careful review of the evidence and fight for you in the courtroom. We know that it can be scary with the possibility of a loss of license, jail time, and higher insurance costs. We will be there to ensure you rights are protected and to get the best possible outcome for you.

Misdemeanors: Reid & Rabb, P.L.C. handles all types of misdemeanors. These crimes carry up to twelve (12) months in jail. We will be there throughout the criminal justice process and work hard to get you the best possible outcome.

Felonies: Our office handles all types of felonies. These cases carry the possibility of more than a year in jail/prison. Do not be caught without a lawyer willing to work hard for you.

Gun Rights Restoration: Reid & Rabb, P.L.C. can help you restore your gun rights.

Our office accepts Cash, Check and Credit Cards.

We serve the Virginia counties of Orange, Culpeper, Louisa, Albemarle, Spotsylvania, Augusta, Madison, Greene, Fluvanna, Goochland, Rappahannock, Rockingham, Fauquier, Page, Caroline, and Essex, and the city of Charlottesville.

Traffic Offenses

Driving with a Suspended License

Reckless Driving


Hit and Run



Assault and Battery


Petty Larceny

Animal-Related Offenses

Hunting/Fishing Offenses


Malicious Wounding


Larceny / Embezzlement

Drug Possession / Distribution

Probation Violation

Our Attorneys

James Reid

James Reid

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Liz Rabb